Review of the New Zumba Incredible Results System – Part I

2014-01-05 08.03.32-2


I just received the new Zumba Incredible Results system in the mail so I wanted to pass along my thoughts before you buy.  There are a total of 6 DVD programs in the system:  Zumba Step, 30 Minute Burn, Amazing Abs, Quick Start, 20 Minute Express, and Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals.

Today, I did the 30 Minute Burn with Gina Grant…and loved it!  I’ve been critical of Zumba lately because the choreography has become increasingly difficult to the extent that the average person would not be able to master it (as in the video games).  However, Grant keeps the choreography challenging but not impossible, adding new moves without shunning the old.  My heart rate averaged 155 during the 30 minutes session but maxed out at 195 – ouch.  I must have really been “feeling the music” at that point!

In sum, 30 Minute Burn really did feel like I was having a dance party in my living room with the vibrant Grant and a cast of her friends.  As Zumba likes to say, it was “exercise in disguise” and I loved it.  Two thumbs up!

5 thoughts on “Review of the New Zumba Incredible Results System – Part I

  1. I only purchased the 30min. Burn with Gina & I loooove it!!!!!! :) I love the fact that you NEVER feel like you’re “working out” but just getting your dance on right in your own living room!

  2. I didn’t know you could purchase DVDs individually? Can you do that on their site?

    I have the oldest set. It has a live party with various ages/shapes participants… Love that it feels like I’m in a large class. Has there been a new one of those since?

    Also, I’ve found for working out on carpet to put a pair of socks over the front half of my shoes to pivot easier. Works like a charm!

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